Physical fitness for your furry friends.

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We look forward to helping your furry family member get back on track!

2651 Soquel Ave, Santa Cruz, California
Phone: 831- 464- 4691

ARC promotes physical fitness and conditioning, retraining for neurological and orthopedic dysfunction, postoperative therapy, and quality of life in geriatric and obese pets. ARC is designed to provide an optimal outcome for patients recovering from surgery and injury, or simply needing to get fit in a controlled environment.
Dr. Sullenberger and the physical rehabilitation staff have been trained to work with animals, and their humans, to reduce pain and improve mobility in order to help them get back to a more comfortable lifestyle. We will work closely with the referring veterinarian to create a treatment plan suited for your patient.

Animal Rehabilitation Center

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Everyone in our office, from our vets to our admins, love animals. 


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Holistic treatments are just the beginning. We excel in using the...


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